SARANSH – An Interactive Tool for Comprehensive Self Review

Saransh or सारांश, in Hindi means, synopsis. As the name tells, Saransh is an interactive tool for comprehensive self-review and analysis for CBSE affiliated schools and parents. It helps in the betterment of students’ performance by allowing schools and parents moniter the performance of students. It empowers schools and parents to take best decisions for students. It has a feature which facilitates interaction between Parents and Schools which could be useful for students. The data provided in Saransh is visualized, i.e, performance metrics are shown in charts or graphs for better understanding. Saransh is available for parents whose students are studying in Class 9, 10,  11 or 12.

Saransh Application is also available for Android Phone:

Go to Google Play Store to download it!

Instructions to use Saransh for Parents:

  • Registration can be done by providing Student’s CBSE Registration/Roll No and Date of Birth(DD/MM/YY).
  • Username and password would be sent on the registered mobile no. via OTP and email.
  • You can login only after your school activates your account.

Link: Saransh Website

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