Craze of Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is the use of websites or applications to communicate with other people around the globe mainly to find someone with common interests. These social networking sites are growing at a rapid pace proving instant communication facilities with others but this has a drastic affect on the youth. They spend a lot of their time using these sites, chatting up with their friends and updating their status. One who doesn’t have a account in these sites is considered as outdated and old fashioned.

Social networking sites are also used by children below the age of 13 which is against the terms and conditions of many social sites. According to a survey, it is seen that 70% parents report that their child has created a Facebook Account before 13 years and 80% think that it is acceptable to violate the minimum age restriction policy of social networking sites. Nowadays, parents themselves create account for their children who are below 13 years. The use of these sites decreases face to face contact among youth which is good for enhancing one’s communicative skills. Also, by chatting online, emotions cannot be showed rather emotions are expressed by using the emoticons/emojis available in these sites. The information provided in these sites are open to all which may give some culprits a golden chance to peek in to your private life and do some harmful illegal activities against you. Children using these site may get exposed to unwanted pictures.

Nowadays, if any friends talk with each other, the first topic they use to talk about social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and discuss about how many likes they got in their posts or photo. They don’t seem to ask about studies or any other topic.

So, we may conclude that these sites have a drastic affect on the youth but they’re the best and instant way to communicate with each other. Social networking is actually not bad thing to do but we should be cautious while using it.

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