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What is CGPA?
CGPA is a grading system in all the CBSE affiliated schools. The percentage of all the subjects of a student is taken and the average of percentage is divided by 9.5. The result that always comes between 1 and 10 is shown in the report card as CGPA. In simple words, CGPA is the average of the grades (between 1 and 10) a student gets in each subject.


CGPA Grades:
A1 = 10 CGPA (95% app.)
A2 = 9 CGPA (85.5% app.)
B1 = 8 CGPA (76% app.)
B2 = 7 CGPA (66.5% app.)
C1 = 6 CGPA (57% app.)
C2 = 5 CGPA (47.5% app.)
D = 4 CGPA (38%)
E1 and E2 = Eligible of Improvement (EIOP)


How to calculate CGPA?
You saw the grades above and are confused, how we did that? Well, it is very simple; you just have to have to do some multiplications and divisions.


Converting percentage into CGPA:
Each Subject:
Divide the percentage by ‘9.5’. The result is your GP (Grade Point).
Subject wise indicative GP = Percentage of the Subject/9.5


Overall CGPA:
Find your overall (average) percentage and divide it by ‘9.5’. The result is your CGPA.
Overall indicative CGPA = Overall Percentage/9.5


Converting CGPA to percentage:


Each Subject:
Get the GP (Grade Point) of desired subject and multiply it by ‘9.5’. The result is your percentage.
Subject wise indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 x GP of the Subject.


Overall Percentage:
Get you overall GP (CGPA) and multiply it by ‘9.5’. The result is your percentage.
Overall indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 x CGPA


Note: You may be confused that why we were using ‘9.5’ as the multiplier and divisor. The average, when CBSE calculated the marks of the candidates who got between 91 to 100 percent in boards, was close to 95 percent. Then, CBSE divided 95 by 10(91 to 100% is equivalent to 10 GP) and the result was 9.5. That’s why we use ‘9.5’ as the multiplier and divisor. Let us know if this CGPA calculator does not work for you.


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