10 Exam Preparation Tips For Scoring Good Marks!

exam-tipsNo doubt, for many students exams are most stressful time of life. In stress, students find it difficult to concentrate for preparing themselves for examination. Concentration is an important key that helps you in preparation of exam. Give these tips a try to easily cope with stress and to score well in exams. If you have less time till exams, you certainly should try these tips.


1. Analyse Your Exam Syllabus

Analyse the exam syllabus, which subject is first and which is last. See which subject would be easier for you to prepare and which would be harder. Give more priority to those subjects which is difficult for you.

2. Ready a Timetable for Your Study

Time never waits for anyone, so, the best choice would be to use it efficiently. Preparing a time table would help you in managing your time and utilizing it smartly. Just see your school timetable and take help in preparing your own time table. In one day at least study 3 subjects and give more time to harder subject. Make sure you write how much hour to give each subjects. Also, give 5 days for revision before exams to revise all the subjects you studied.

3. Give Yourself Rest Regularly

You will get exhausted by continuously studying for hours. You need to enjoy some time during study to keep your mind calm.  If you find it difficult to concentrate back on studies after taking break, then, only take 15-20 minutes break. Also, don’t watch TV as it may make you forget what you have learnt. Also, drink 2-3 glass of water in these breaks. Its essential to have good mental and physical condition.

4. Motivate Yourself

Usually during preparing for exams, students weave negative thoughts which discourage them to study. They don’t study and just keep on weaving negative thoughts. The best way to get rid of these negative thoughts is to motive yourself. Think about what will you get by studying, about your ambition, your desire and your ideal etc. This will provide you much confidence to do hard work. But, don’t get overconfidence!

5. Eat Healthy Food & Avoid Junk Food

Eat healthy food that will provide you enough energy for your preparation. Don’t eat much, eat food rich in proteins.  Drink healthy juice during study when you feel thirsty and keep yourself fresh. Avoid eating foods of outside, it may cause problems.


6. Sleep Well In Night

A good sleep helps you to concentrate more on study. Think of motivational things in your Dream. Sleep at 10 PM and wake up at 7 AM in the morning for your best best performance the next day.


7. Cannot figure out a question?

If you find it difficult to solve a question, do not hesitate to call your respective subject teacher for. If you don’t have teacher’s mobile number, you can try to find it in School’s Website. Or else, you can try to search for answer in Internet. You can get much help in Internet.


8. Discuss questions with your Friends

In the revision days, meet up with your friends and discuss with them the question, doubts and answers. Tell them to ask you some questions and you ask them in return. This way you will know how much you have prepared for your exams.


9. Check your preparation

Now, if you think you have prepared yourself for exams, then, this is the time to download previous year question papers or modal question papers and solve them. Analyze your performance and study according to it.


10. Organize yourself for the Exam Day

Finally, the day comes for which you did hard work. But, some students forget taking Pen, Pencil or instrument box, waste their time asking for these in the school and take stress. Remember carefully what you have to bring for the today’s exam and keep those things in your bag. Set up alarms in your mobile phone with loud volume and keep it near you so you don’t get late for your exams.

If you would like to share some tips or ask any queries, feel free to use the comment box.


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  1. what should we do to concentate more on studies…..my mind gets diverted here and there ….can you suggest me anything please?????

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