ASL Topics of Class 9, 10 & 11 English CBSE 2019-20

asl-speaking-topicsIntroduction of ASL (Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills) in Class 9, Class 10 & Class 11 has become imperative. Students should be given sufficient practice in order to prepare the for ASL. ASL carries almost 20 marks and thus, is important for securing good marks in English. Interaction, reasoning, diction, articulation, clarity, pronunciation, and overall fluency are important in ASL. This is the latest ASL topics to help you with your ASL test. Be sure to check out ASL Teacher’s guide to learn more about CBSE ASL.

Some ASL topics for Speaking in Stage 2:

  • Child Labour
  • Cashless India
  • Importance of Dress code in Schools
  • Craze of Social Networking Sites among youth
  • Ancient Education or Modern Education
  • Dependence on technology is making humanity less intelligent
  • Current Education System of India
  • Poverty in India
  • Corruption – A hurdle in the path of development
  • Digital India
  • It is better to die on feet than to live on knees
  • Tourism in India
  • Opinion about English Language or Importance of English
  • Internet Privacy
  • Technological Advancement
  • Quantum Computing – The Future of Computing?
  • “There is enough resources for everyone’s need but not for anybody’s greed” – Mahatma Gandhi

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  • Sustainable Development
  • Advantages of Co-education In India
  • Problems In Indian Education System
  • Censorship in the Media
  • Human Overpopulation
  • Your Views on World War 1/2
  • The Social Impact of Computers
  • Should students have to wear uniforms?
  • Trend of Piracy in India
  • Does the school day start too early?
  • Should Drinking Alcohol be banned?
  • Buddha and his teachings
  • Science & The Future
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hobbies and interests
  • History and legend
  • Culture & Music
  • Sports and games
  • Environment

*You can also use the above topics to weave your own topics. 

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Some examples of CBSE English ASL topics for Stage 3:

  • Some of your classmates are under-confident in speaking in English and do not know how to get help. Also they do not know how to improve their spoken English. With your partner, discuss what could be done to help them.
  • Your school’s volleyball team has been performing badly for a few months and has not won any matches. The morale of the team is very low. With your partner, discuss how this could be improved.
  • You have a friend in your class who wants to learn how to swim but also confesses that he/she is scared of water. With your partner, discuss how this fear can be overcome.
  • You noticed some students troubling senior citizens in the Bus . With your Partner, discuss what could be done to make people more sensitive towards senior citizens.


There are 3 stages in the ASL (8 Minutes):


Stage 1: Introduction (1 minute)


In this stage, the examiner will ask both the candidates their names. After that, examiner will ask to tell something on some topic (eg. about your school, where you live) to both the candidates one by one.


Stage 2: Topic Presentation (4 minute)

asl-speaking-topics-presentationThe examiner will ask the first Candidate A to speak on your topic and Candidate B will ask follow-up questions. The Candidate B will also be asked to speak on a topic and candidate A will ask questions related to it. The examiner will also ask 2-3 questions to both the Candidates related to their topics.


Stage 3: Problem Solving (3 minute)

asl-speaking-topics-problemIn this stage, both the candidates will be given a topic to discuss the problem and its solution. Around 2 minutes will be given for discussion. The examiner will ask some follow-up questions to the candidates.


For more information, you can check out our ASL English Guide for Teachers & Students.

If you have some topics for ASL (Assessment of Speaking & Listening Skills) then, use our comment box to convey it.

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